Explore Data

Explore Data

Data Discovery

EuCanImage is compiling an open-access catalogue to search for relevant oncologic data collections for AI experiments. It includes a complete search engine that enables data filtering by both, imaging and non-imaging parameters:

  • Imaging modality (CT, MRI, PET, US)
  • Scanned Organ (e.g. liver, breast or colorectal)
  • Image acquisition parameters
  • Data formats
  • Image annotations and segmentations
  • Quantified imaging biomarkers
  • Clinical variables
  • Physical measurements
  • Pathology specimen data
  • -omics

Data Repositories

Well-established European data infrastructures are used for long-term archive of the cancer imaging, -omics and health data collections that are being curated, annotated and harmonized in the consortium.

Data Access

The catalogue includes entries whose datasets are under controlled access. The permissions are granted by Data Access Committees (DACs), who determine and administrate data access policies.

Visit the data repository hosting the imaging or non-imaging study of interest for learning the access policy applied. Each repository has stablished a particular procedure for acquiring the access credentials.